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Ecogent are New Zealand agents for a range of attached growth (or fixed film) media to suit a variety of wastewater treatment technologies that utilise media including:

  • Trickling Filters
  • RBC (Rotating Biological Contactors)
  • SAF (Submerged Aerated Filter) or IFAS (Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge) or SFB (Submerged Fixed Bed)
  • MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor)
  • Lamella plate clarifier
  • Advanced pond systems (pond media)

Media configurations available include structured, random packed and moving bed and specific surface areas range from 100m2/m3 to 550m2/m3. Potential advantages of Attached growth processes that should be considered include the following:

  • Cold weather nitrification
  • Reduce MLSS concentrations while maintaining high overall biomass concentration
  • Reduce clarifier size (area) requirements
  • Reduce or eliminate RAS
  • Reduce sludge production by effectively increasing sludge retention time (sludge age)
  • Increase SRT without increasing volume (or a reduced footprint for the same SRT)
  • Increase existing process capacity (e.g. upgrade aerobic reactors in existing activated sludge plants without increasing reactor volume)
  • Increased resistance to process upsets such as prolonged low organic loading, high flows, toxic events

With the help of the Engineers at the media supply companies we work with Ecogent can assist with attached growth system process design and configuration and provide recommendations on media selection, organic loading rates, fill volumes etc. Contact Ecogent to discuss your next attached growth media project.

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