Biolytix – Energy Efficient Residential Wastewater Management

Biolytix create environmentally friendly solutions for the management of residential household wastewater. The Biolytix technology requires smaller equipment and less energy to transport, install, operate and maintain. Biolytix uses tiger worms and naturally occurring micro-organisms to mimic nature’s simple and effective method of passive wastewater treatment.

Biolytix are an energy efficient alternative to septic tanks or mechanically aerated wastewater treatment plants. Biolytix provide a reliable level of treatment to household wastewater. Compared to other residential wastewater options on the market Biolytix are:

  • Inexpensive to operate
  • Virtually silent
  • Completely odourless
  • Require less servicing
  • Suited to low or infrequent use
  • Ideal for installation in remote locations or difficult terrain

Our commitment to ongoing research and product development with Biolytix was recognised with an innovation award at the New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards in 2017.

In addition to the Biolytix range of residential wastewater treatment Ecogent can design a package plant incorporating collection, treatment and disposal components to suit residential wastewater treatment applications and the likely receiving environments. Ecogent can offer clients a design & build or a design & project manage solution that allows flexibility with construction.

Concepts are designed to address the constraints of a particular project whether that be a limited budget, sensitive receiving environment, difficult terrain restricting access or demanding consent requirements.

  • Competitively priced and lowest operating costs
  • Easy to transport & install – single tank weighing less than 450kg
  • Council approved and tested 3 times at OSET
  • Passive system using tiger worms to breakdown solid waste. No odour!
  • NZ manufactured with an SAI global quality assurance program

At just 450kg and 2m diameter the complete Biolytix residential wastewater system fits on the back of a ute for delivery direct to site.

In 2017 Biolytix technology won an innovation award at the NZ Hi Tech awards.

Biolytix technology is a perfect solution for wastewater from holiday homes.

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Ecotube – Septic Tank Effluent Filters

Ecogent manufacture Ecotube septic tank effluent outlet filters. The Ecotube filter retains solids larger than 3mm in the primary treatment stage of a treatment plant and allows more readily biodegradable material to pass through to subsequent stages.

The key advantages of the Ecotube are:

  • Reduce slowly biodegradable material and inert solids in downstream reactors
  • High flow area, high filter area and low aperture size relative to other filters on the market
  • Easy installation or retrofitting – no adaptor fittings required
  • Available as a complete unit or as an insert/retrofit filter
  • Larger custom filters can be designed and manufactured to handle flows from larger commercial or industrial septic tanks
  • Filtered solids fall back into the septic tank for further treatment – Not captured in a vault or sump
  • 2.5mm filter aperture with low velocity through screens
  • Flow modulation on outlet to reduce surges but still allowing emergency overflow when required
  • Expanded dropper pipe ensures the full surface area of the filter has unimpeded contact with the effluent
  • Adjustable handle and removable filter allows easy cleaning


Odour Control

Ecogent custom design and manufacture odour filters utilising activated carbon to reduce or eliminate odour from wastewater treatment processes and pump stations.

Standardised units are available for installation onto terminal vents, septic tank and package treatment plant vents.

Larger activated carbon filters and bio-filters with forced ventilation can be designed and manufactured to suit the application.

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Frequently asked questions

How much power does a Biolytix use?

The Biolytix has a 5W aeration pump and 370W irrigation pump. Typical power use is just 0.5kW hours per day – about 12c a day

What does it cost to get a Biolytix installed?

Installation costs vary around the country and can be site specific depending on issues like location, access and topography. Installed costs for a standard Biolytix are usually $13k – $15k + GST

What happens to the treated wastewater?

Treated wastewater from a Biolytix is usually disposed to land within property boundaries. We use specialist product and specialised design to ensure treated wastewater is sustainably and evenly applied to gardens, lawns and bush and reused as an effective irrigation resource.

Do I need a wastewater report?

You will most likely need a wastewater report from a specialist to support a Building Consent application. Our team of engineers can either assist with this directly or provide a suitable contact.

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