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Ecogent are cornerstone shareholders and New Zealand market partners of Outpost Central.  Outpost IOT devices connect remotely located sensors and meters to the web.  Together we can provide robust and affordable data monitoring systems. Outpost Central specialises in low power applications and provides customers with an intuitive user interface that makes data accessible and understandable from any computer with internet access.

Ecogent can offer a complete solution by providing advice on suitable sensors and integrating these with the appropriate Outpost device. The sensor and device can then be installed anywhere in the world with data the accessible for analysis by any computer or smartphone in the world.

Customised reporting can easily be setup and this can be integrated with automatic report generation meaning that data retrieval or reporting to 3rd parties can be automated.

Monitoring sites can be linked with a mapping interface so users can simply click on the location to access the data that they want.

Because the Outpost devices utilise wireless connectivity and have a long life onboard battery there is no need for external infrastructure like phone lines or power supply and no need to visit site to download data.

Outpost devices are rugged (IP68/waterproof and UV stable), ultra-compact and ultra-low-power devices for connecting meters and sensors to the web.

They support a massive range of meter and sensor types using industry-standard signals including pulse, mA, voltage, resistance, SDI12, Modbus, RS232, RS485, M-bus, NMEA and more.

Outpost hardware is completely managed from virtually anywhere via the web, including all configuration and calibration requirements.

Installation of Outpost devices is straightforward and can be done by Ecogent technicians or with our instruction. Each device is enabled commissioning record collection, including location coordinates, notes and photographs.

Irrigation Flow Monitoring

Outpost Central is a leading irrigation smart-metering solution in the Aus/NZ irrigation industry, having been retrofitted to thousands of irrigation meters across the region. The Outpost devices support pulse data from simple mechanical flow meters, serial interfaces to more complex electronic flow meters and a range other flow measurement structures such as V-notch weirs.


Soil Moisture Monitoring

Outpost devices are an affordable soil moisture monitoring solution for Horticulture, Viticulture, Dryland cropping, Pasture production, Row cropping, Silviculture, Floriculture, landscape and research.

Outpost devices can connect to low cost sensors through to multi level profile probes that can measure Soil Moisture, Temperature and EC. Supported soil moisture sensors include Decagon, EnviroPro, Sentek, Aquacheck, Irrometer and tensiometers. The fully web based graphing and reporting solution allows for detailed analysis of soil moisture levels.


Water Level Monitoring

Monitor water levels with affordable wildeye pressure sensors. Ranging from low cost Tank Level monitoring systems through to borehole and well depth monitoring. In built formulae can convert levels over a weir and report as flow rates.

Typical applications for data monitoring include:

  • Water meters
  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Level alarms
  • Reservoir or water tank levels
  • DO, turbidity, pH levels etc
  • Overflow monitoring

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Recent projects using Outpost devices

With offices in Auckland, Australia and California and over 50,000 Outpost devices deployed there are some exciting projects to showcase.

Frequently asked questions

Do Outpost devices require an external power source?

Nope – they have an internal lithium battery designed to provide 5 years service in typical applications. Or a rechargeable version is available which can use an external power source such as a solar panel to recharge.

Can data be made available to a 3rd party?

Yes – you can create an web page with limited function for your customers to login. We can even put your logo on their access page.

Do the Outpost devices need to be housed in a control cabinet or similar?

No most Outpost devices are completely water and weather proof.

What does the monthly subscription cost cover?

The monthly fee includes the hosting of your data at a secure data storage facility, the web connectivity to transfer data from site to cloud and the continuing development of the website interface with data analysis and reporting tools.

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