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Package Treatment

Ecogent offer a range of services to supply package treatment plants for domestic wastewater to suit design flows from 1m3/day to 1000m3/day. Typically Ecogent will offer clients a design & build or a design & project manage solution that allows flexibility with construction.

Rather than offering an “off the shelf” type product Ecogent will design a package plant incorporating collection, treatment and disposal components to suit the application and likely receiving environment.

Wastewater treatment technologies offered include attached growth systems such as trickling filters, submerged aerated filters (SAF) and packed bed filters and suspended growth activated sludge configurations including MBR’s and SBR’s.

Concepts are designed to address the constraints of a particular project whether that be a limited budget, sensitive receiving environment, difficult terrain restricting access or demanding consent requirements.

Ecogent work closely with local and international component/equipment suppliers as well as utilising their own product range to create wastewater package plants that meet the needs and expectations of clients.


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