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Data Monitoring

Ecogent are the New Zealand market partner of Outpost Central limited for Environmental Monitoring. Together we can provide robust and affordable data monitoring systems. Outpost Central specialises in low power applications and provides customers with an intuitive user interface that makes data accessible and understandable from any computer with internet access.

Ecogent can offer a complete solution by provide advice on sensors and integrating these with the Outpost Datalogger.

Typical applications for the data monitoring include:

  • Water meters
  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Level alarms
  • Reservoir or water tank levels
  • DO, turbidity, pH levels etc
  • Overflow monitoring
  • Comprehensive wastewater and water treatment plant monitoring

Customised reporting can easily be setup and this can be integrated with automatic report generation meaning that the sending of data to Regulatory Authorities for Resource Consent monitoring can be automated.

Monitoring sites can be linked with a mapping interface so users can simply click on the location to access the data that they want.

Because the Outpost datalogger utilises wireless connectivity there is no need for external phone lines or site visits to download data.

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