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Pond Upgrades

Pond treatment has traditionally been utilised as the preferred wastewater treatment technology for community wastewater treatment plants across New Zealand. 

These are cost effective, low maintenance and generally perform well  removing BOD and solids.  Many of these ponds are still in operation however as ponds age, contributing populations and loadings grow and consent effluent requirements become more demanding traditional ponds can struggle to meet capacity and are being replaced with more advanced activated sludge technologies.

Fortunately there have been a number of process and technology advances in the field of pond treatment and existing ponds can be upgraded to achieve higher treatment standards, whilst maintaining the traditional advantages of operational simplicity and cost effectiveness.

Contact Ecogent Engineers to discuss potential improvements to existing oxidation ponds including:

  • Revised process objectives
  • Partitioning and other hydraulic improvements to prevent short circuiting
  • Attached growth media to improve process stability and cold weather nitrification
  • Fine bubble diffused aeration systems to efficiently extend aerobic capacity and improve mixing
  • Pre-treatment, post treatment and side stream process improvements
  • Sludge management strategies to maintain mixed liquor concentrations with optimal range
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