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Land Disposal Systems

The dispersal of treated effluent to land is the ultimate in sustainable disposal options.  If correctly designed and controlled water and nutrients in treated effluent can be dosed to plant root zones and beneficially utilised.

Subsurface disposal through pressure compensating dripline offers the following advantages:

  • The wetted volume of soil around the emitter is about 40% larger compared to surface installations
  • It reduces the potential for human or domestic animal contact which is important as secondary treated effluent can still have high pathogen concentrations
  • The potential for odours evident in the disposal area is reduced
  • The potential for UV degradation or mechanical damage is reduced

Ecogent utilise specialist pressure compensating dripline from Geoflow Inc which is specifically designed for the subsurface disposal of treated effluent.

Domestic and small commercial wastewater projects tend to focus design efforts and capital cost funding on the treatment technology often overlooking the importance of the land disposal system - which is often the place that problems will be observed.

By combining superior products and detailed design Ecogent can offer sustainable land disposal solutions.

Contact Ecogent Engineers today to discuss your land disposal project.

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