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Diffused Aeration Systems

Ecogent are the New Zealand market partners of Environmental Dynamics Inc (EDI) one of the world’s leading providers of diffused aeration systems. EDI has been designing and manufacturing diffusers since 1975 and has over 4000 diffuser installations in over 75 countries.

Aeration is the heart of a biological wastewater treatment system and will typically account for 50 to 80% of a treatment plants running costs. Efficient aeration is the key to meeting design objectives and with the right aeration technology and design treatment performance can be maximised and operating costs minimised.

Through EDI, Ecogent has access to a full line of products and systems and has the ability to deliver high value, cost effective aeration solutions for even the most challenging wastewater applications.

Typical applications for EDI diffused aeration systems include:

  • New activated sludge aeration
  • Existing fine or coarse bubble diffuser upgrades
  • Pond / Lagoon aeration

Consideration of the right combinations of diffuser type and material, diffuser density and configuration and submergence for a particular biological process enables oxygen and mixing requirements to be met and treatment objectives to be satisfied.

Thorough process design combined with an economic analysis allows capital costs to be balanced with operational and maintenance costs to meet client objectives.

Backed up by more than 30 years aeration system design experience from EDI Ecogent can offer a comprehensive design service for your biological treatment and aeration requirements.  Contact Ecogent Engineers today to discuss your aeration project.

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